Posted by: 13sodapop | 27/05/2013

I Miss Falling in Love 12

I couldn’t waste time,  I went fast to a telephone box and I called a taxi.  I didn’t know if that man was telling the truth. But Fabio was in trouble and I wasn’t going to sit still. When the taxi arrived I went to the place that man had told me. I introduced the key in the lock and I opened the door. The place was horrible, loads of rubbish was on the floor: cigarettes, stale food, tins, etc. However, in the center of the place I could see a purple bag. I took it without hesitation and I looked inside. The man was right,  there were drugs in this bag: cocaine, pills and other that I didn’t know.  I was shocked,  I couldn’t believe my brother was a drug dealer. In this moment I thought  “Wait a moment, I don’t even know if he is my brother.”  I started to run towards another telephone box to call another taxi and I went to the Eiffel Tower to clarify all the mess.

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