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I am not going to talk about details of Paris, like its buildings, monuments or the most important streets. I am going to talk about what Paris means to me: Paris is my city, maybe in a draw with London. But Paris has charm, a special charm that I really love.


That charm you can find at Montmartre, the bohemian neighbourhood, where several artists are gathered. At Montmartre you can find real lifes, real humans with real minds, because they have ideas, and they can appreciate the little things, and they know how to enjoy life. Paris is the city of romantic people. It is a city for people who love art, who love reading, who love making music, who love painting, and I feel bound to all of that, because all we make with our hands is made by our minds too, and Paris is a thousand minds, that are all together, becoming one only mind.

I am absolutely sure, that it doesn’t matter whether it’s rainy or sunny: Paris is always a good idea (Audrey Hepburn).



  1. That photo about Paris is awesome, it makes you feel like in a dream.

  2. I agree with you. I think that Paris is the best destination for all dreamers. And let me tell you that you made a good decision choosing that Audrey’s quote.

  3. I think that you have done a good post, because it shows you a part of Paris which is the most unknown. Good job 🙂

  4. Lovely post very interesting, that photo is magical it’s so beautiful ❤

  5. This post is very good because I like the city of Paris a lot.
    And the photo it’s so amazing.

  6. Paris is fantastic, the best in your post is the photo.

  7. OH! Really good! I like so much the photo, good job Fadi.


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