Posted by: sara30j97 | 26/05/2013

Not an ordinary evening

eveningI was walking around the city, thinking about all the things that I had to do: study, have a shower, go out… Yes, I am going to go out, it’s Friday, and I want to have fun.

I arrived home very tired. I had been walking around Madrid for two hours, and I needed a shower.

I chose the clothes that I was going to wear and I walked into the shower, to relax. I needed it, because I had had a very stressful day.

When I finished, I dressed up, and I put on make-up too. I was ready to go out. I phoned my friend Layla and we decided to meet at the cafe opposite her house. I had time enough to arrive, but I wanted to walk slowly and relaxed, so I started to walk slowly.

I passed through some beautiful parks, and I saw the birds, the people walking and I felt very happy to live in this beautiful city.

I arrived at the cafe and I saw my friend. She was so pretty, with a beautiful dress that she had bought two days ago with me. I said hello to her and we started to walk to the disco. ”It’s going to be a great evening” she said to me. And I agreed. It was going to be the best evening ever.


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