Posted by: yeray46 | 24/05/2013

The House 17

Suddenly she heard a huge noise and the door broke into a thousand pieces. The impact was so great that the window panes were broken too and the whole room was filled with pieces of wood and glass. She was really scared. Also she had injuries in her face, in her arms and her right knee was bleeding. But all this was not important when she saw her friend Susan appear accompanied by two men.
Susan began talking to the men in a strange language. She seemed angry and she screamed at them. She did not understand anything of what they were saying and Susan was not looking at her. It was as if Susan did not know her. Suddenly Susan saw the diary on the floor and read the name on the cover: Max Powell. She grabbed it with her hands and said:

– Now I’ll know the true story of my father …

Her eyes had that strange dark shine again ….

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