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I Miss Falling in Love 11

Wait a moment that’s… my brother! Why is he with his hands tied? The one that is grabbing Fabio is Gerard! When I saw them both I didn’t know what to do or say but I was very nervous and afraid so, I started to shout at Gerard.

– Why are you doing this to me?! -I told him almost crying

– Do you really know what is Fabio’s job? -He said

– What do you mean? He is the boss of a big company in Paris. -I was confused

-So… that’s what you’ve said to her? Then I’ll tell you. He is one of the best drug dealers here in France – He said really convinved

I didn’t know what to say, I only started crying.

-Sonia, note down this adress, Saint-Louise street, pick up this key and go there and bring me a purple bag. You have to be at the Eiffel Tower in three hours.

I was on my knees some time before I could stand up and think about,  so, when I finally stood up I was wondering “What I’m going to do?”

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