Posted by: davidpenelaszeppelin | 15/05/2013

The House 15

The girl wanted to go out of that house. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t. It was like a rope which was pulling her. She finally got exhausted because all the efforts she had done to escape had failed. Then, she continued reading:

September 23rd, 1939

We discovered some glass boxes with people inside. All of them have these words written: ‘PROJECT ANNUBIS’. Now we feel so scared… but the curiosity in us is bigger.

We’ve found a little room! It’s full of documents… It seems as if they are studying a new type of super-humans which are going to be warriors or something like that.

We have gone out of the laboratoty. I hope nobody had seen us, because if somebody has, we could be in big trouble.

click here to read the whole story

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