Posted by: amineabid | 14/05/2013

Are you a sportive boy?

by Amine and Rubén

Two boys are talking about sport in the middle of the street, one of them is called Rubén and the other one is called Amine. Rubén doesn’t like sport but Amine likes it a lot, so now they’re going to discuss about the good things and bad things of sport.

sportAmine: Hi, Rubi, I really like doing sport, what do you think about going with me to the gym for example?

Ruben: What!? I prefer staying home playing videogames or something like that.

Amine: Are you crazy, man? You have to do sport, hold on a second, what sport do you like doing?

Ruben: Well… I don’t really like any sport but I think handball is a very good sport.

Amine: Okay that’s good, why don’t you play handball then?

Ruben: Because if I play handball I won’t have time to study and play videogames.

Amine:  So… you wouldn’t like to play the sports you play in videogames? For example football, I’m sure it will be better in real life.

Ruben: Well… I think you are right, you have persuaded me, so when are you going to play football?

Amine: At 2 o’clock so change your clothes I will be waiting for you at the park.

Ruben: Okay, see you later!

Amine: Bye!


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