Posted by: ivanruan | 13/05/2013

Pollution: a difficult issue

by Iván & Diego

earthWe would like to talk about pollution in the cities and factories. Nowadays, this problem affects all the world and there are a lot of health problems due to the pollution caused by traffic, factories and heating.

Pollution affects also water, especially rivers and seas. It is dangerous for animals, plants and food. Currently, we also use pesticides in agriculture and they poison vegetables and plants.

In our opinion, governments should care more about these issues because this problem may affects our future, our family and next generations. But, it is very difficult to create a universal law for all the countries in the world.




  1. I think all of us should protect and respect the environment, because after all, we live here and it is our home, so we must help the Planet, and not destroy it.

  2. I agree with you, but unfortunately the governments don’t care about us.


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