Posted by: maitri97 | 09/05/2013

I Miss Falling in Love 9

I decided to phone my mobile in case of  I could hear and find it. I couldn’t hear any sound, so I packed my suitcase because I wanted to get out of the hotel and go to the airport to meet my brother. While I was paying my bill at the reception desk, there was a phone call for me. I was very surprised, but finally I took the phone and waited:

-Sonia, is it you? -it was Gerard.

-Yes, I am, what’s the matter?

-I’m at the Charles de Gaulle airport whith your brother Fabio.

-I don’t understand.

-Psss, don’t say anything, just listen carefully.

-But, but, but…

-Take a cab and go to the pyramid of the Louvre museum, don’t tell anybody, come quickly and bring your purple notebook. You have twenty minutes.

-My purple notebook? -there was no answer.

I was frightened, however I took the cab. During the journey my head couldn’t stop thinking. I wished I hadn’t come to Paris. If I had listened to those who told me that I shouldn’t travel alone, now I wouldn’t be in this strange situation.

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