Posted by: sunjita | 09/04/2013


startersStarters is a book by Lissa Price. It is the first of a duology, the second book is Enders. Starters takes place in Los Angeles.  Callie and her brother Tyler  lost their parents in the Spore War in which everyone between the ages of twenty and sixty died. She discovers the body bank Prime Destinations lead by the mysterious Old Man where  the starter teenagers go because they don’t have a house and they can’t work to earn money. Callie and her little sick brother and  her best friend Michael fight for survive. Callie is rented by Helena an ender, who looked for her grandaugther Emma.  One night the neurochip malfunctions and Callie wakes up in the rich life of Helena and meets Blake the grandson of a Senator. Her life is marvellous and a fairy tale until Callie discovers that her renter wants to commit a murder. The book is amazing and the end is surprising.







  1. I’m reading this book and it’s very interesting. Later, I hope I can read Enders 🙂

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