Posted by: danielcasvei | 08/04/2013

The House 3

She was feeling sleepier and sleepier as the melody was sounding in a place that she couldn’t identify. She was on the point of falling asleep when the memory of a diary that she had found in the house appeared in her mind. She had been looking for it for three hours, until finally, she found it under a bed.

It had an old brown front where the following name was written in black: Max Powel.

She sat down on an old bed and started to read the diary:

September 5th, 1939

It’s terrible! A huge amount of German soldiers have entered my city. They’re destroying most of the houses and monuments. My family has died and I would have died if I hadn’t jumped through the window. I ran uphill and I found a beautiful house, but I don’t like it. I don’t know why. I have spent the night in the house. I’m not sure but I think I heard strange noises in the house. However, I have no other option, I must stay here.

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