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The House

It was just an old house in the middle of nowhere, but not for her. Her heart was full of memories. The old wall surrounding the yard. The oaktree by the house. The little garden, now overgrown. Years seemed minutes in her head. She could even feel his touch, breathe his smell… The sky was getting darker and darker and a cold breeze made her realize she had left her coat in her jeep.

[by amairgin]

When she went to the car to take her coat, she heard a strange sound that came from afar. She was intrigued, so she started to investigate. She returned to the old house where lost memories tortured her but, suddenly she felt a shiver and she knew that she wasn’t on her own, the atmosphere became warm and she started to feel a huge peace.

In the distance, a melody started to sound and she felt wistful of the beautiful moments that she had lived in the old house.

[by Omarsito]

She was feeling sleepier and sleepier as the melody was sounding in a place that she couldn’t identify. She was on the point of falling asleep when the memory of a diary that she had found in the house appeared in her mind. She had been looking for it for three hours, until finally, she found it under a bed.

It had an old brown front where the following name was written in black: Max Powel.

She sat down on an old bed and started to read the diary:

September 5th, 1939

It’s terrible! A huge amount of German soldiers have entered my city. They’re destroying most of the houses and monuments. My family has died and I would have died if I hadn’t jumped through the window. I ran uphill and I found a beautiful house, but I don’t like it. I don’t know why. I have spent the night in the house. I’m not sure but I think I heard strange noises in the house. However, I have no other option, I must stay here.

[by danielcasvei]

September 8th, 1939

I have been three days in this house, I don’t like being here but I can’t go anywhere, the German soldiers are everywhere (everything is destroyed).

Then the girl stopped reading, because she had heard some noises, but she thought that it was the wind and she continued reading.

September 10th, 1939

I can’t sleep, I’ve heard voices in the attic. They don’t stop. Am I crazy? I’ve decided that I have to go up to the attic. I can’t bear this situation any longer.


September 12th, 1939

I have been in the attic for two days, in these two days the noises have not stopped, soldiers must be here because there is something in the basement, something important.

September 14th, 1939

The soldiers are leaving the house, this makes me think two things, the first, they have found what they were looking for and the second, that they decided to stop looking for it

I have to go down to the basement, but if I ran into a soldier I wouldn’t be able to do anything. I’m in poor physical condition, because I have not eaten or drunk anything for a week, I can not risk to go down, I have to leave the house but I don’t know how.

[by martin64699] 

The answer is the window. I have to jump out of the window as I did when the soldiers came to my house. Luckily this house is not as tall as the other house, but I haven’t got a rope to rappel down the house, so I will jump, yes it’s dangerous but I have no choice.

September 15th, 1939

Apparently the house was taller than I thought and I have been unconscious for a whole day, so that’s why I’m in a unknown place.

[by iagofouce] 

I still feel a little dizzy. I’m in a dark place like a small room. There is a small window through which light enters scarcely, there is also a door, but it’s closed. So I don’t know how I came here, and I don’t know how to leave.

September 17th, 1939

It’s been two days and strange things have happened. When I wake up in the morning, I always have food and water next to me. But who brings it? I don’t understand anything. I will stay awake tonight, so I will be able to see him or her and I can tell him or her to let me out.

September 18th, 1939

This night no one came. I stayed awake all night, but no one brought food or drink. Why? I don’t understand. Someone came the other nights but this night no one appeared. What happened? Probably he would not come in because I was awake. But I couldn’t hear anything on the other side of the door. It’s very strange.

  [by belenfr]

September 19th, 1939

I haven’t eaten for one day, but the food is the least important thing at the moment, I need water now! Nothing and nobody has appeared in the room, I’m nervous, Why? Why me? I’m a good person, a good man. I need water so I shout but nobody arrives. Now I’m going to sleep, to forget the water I need.

September 20th, 1939

I’ve woken up, I had water and food with me, I’ve eaten it and in one second the food has disappeared. I need to talk to someone, but I’m alone. Suddenly I listen  to something, a human voice, who can it be?

 [by INILU]

September 20th, 1939

The human voice came nearer and nearer, after a few seconds, the door handle moved. A beautiful girl appeared in front of me. She is a girl about 30 years; she is tall and thin. The girl asked my name gave me a plate of food. I ate the food and then answered. Her name is Lucía and she has also got to avoid the soldiers.

September 21th, 1939

Lucía returned we left that dark place. But we realized that the soldiers are following us.

 [by bethoven69] 


She decided to stop reading for a while. She was very hungry, so she went to the kitchen. There, she took a sandwich from the fridge. Suddenly, the melody started to sound again, and she felt colder than some hours before.

She went again to the room thinking she was imagining all the things. When she took the diary in her hands again, she felt someone behind her. She turned, and she discovered her best friend. She became relaxed, but she could feel a strange dark shine in the eyes of her friend.

 [by anavrivas]

She couldn´t believe what was happening. She didn’t understand anything. Why was her best friend there? Why were his eyes so dark? Everything that was happening was so strange…
Then she decided to talk with her friend and tell all the things about the house, the diary, the soldiers…

 [by kikecobain8]

She spoke to her old friend, Susan. Susan wasn’t paying attention. When she talked to Susan, Susan seemednot to know her. She was afraid because Susan wasn’t well. Suddenly, the melody stopped sounding and Susan disappeared.

She was scared so she took the diary and she hid.

 [by maria31pereira]

September 21st, 1939

Lucia and I ran for a time, and the soldiers chased us. But in a crossroads we could shake them off because we went into an old and abandoned house. We looked for food or drink in the house, but we could only find a small can of food. It’s something, but we will ration it.  The house has an attic, we are hiding there. The soldiers ran in front of the house, but they didn’t look there. We’ve decided to stay here for some time, it is a good place to hide from them.

 [by yesicafdzr15]

September 22nd, 1939

I hadn’t realized that this house was the one where I had been a few weeks ago… I told all to Lucía, and then, we decided to come down to the basement where the soldiers were. There was a nazi laboratory!


Immediatly, she stopped reading and went quickly to the basement to check it. It was true! A lot of strange machines, cages and pans with mutants or experiments in some type of  liquid filled the room. While she was checking the laboratory, she tripped over something, and the diary fell intyo a big armored cage…

 [by carrreira]

The girl wanted to go out of that house. She didn’t know why, but she couldn’t. It was like a rope which was pulling her. She finally got exhausted because all the efforts she had done to escape had failed. Then, she continued reading:

September 23rd, 1939

We discovered some glass boxes with people inside. All of them have these words written: ‘PROJECT ANNUBIS’. Now we feel so scared… but the curiosity in us is bigger.

We’ve found a little room! It’s full of documents… It seems as if they are studying a new type of super-humans which are going to be warriors or something like that.

We have gone out of the laboratoty. I hope nobody had seen us, because if somebody has, we could be in big trouble.

 [by davidpenelaszeppelin]

September 24th, 1939

We decided to abandon the house then we saw a forest and we thought that it was a good place to hide. But the soldiers were watching the house and they had put traps near the house, we could destroy many of them but we were trapped in one of them. The soldiers took us to the laboratory to investigate with us…


She heard strange noises, it seemed as if someone was trying to destroy the door. She decided to hide behind the boxes…

 [by juan9600]

Suddenly she heard a huge noise and the door broke into a thousand pieces. The impact was so great that the window panes were broken too and the whole room was filled with pieces of wood and glass. She was really scared. Also she had injuries in her face, in her arms and her right knee was bleeding. But all this was not important when she saw her friend Susan appear accompanied by two men.
Susan began talking to the men in a strange language. She seemed angry and she screamed at them. She did not understand anything of what they were saying and Susan was not looking at her. It was as if Susan did not know her. Suddenly Susan saw the diary on the floor and read the name on the cover: Max Powell. She grabbed it with her hands and said:

– Now I’ll know the true story of my father …

Her eyes had that strange dark shine again ….

 [by yeray46]

– Your father was another Jewish prisoner. But he was lucky, the first success of the Annubis Project. When we arrested your father and your mother…

– My mother?

– Yes, your father and your mother. Ten months later we had started to experiment with them. In that moment, your parents were being innoculated with the Annubis cells. When you born, your mother died. She didn’t tolerate Annubis. But your father was able to escape with you and your twin brother because of his transformations.

– Transformations? Twin brother? What are you talking about?

– You will have time to finish your reading, Eve, you are the first woman with Annubis gens. You, with your brother Adam, will be the begining of a new world.

[by juanmacano68]



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