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I Miss Falling in Love

Day 1:

Dear astronauts, today on my first day in Paris, I have visited the Eiffel Tower. There I saw many couples in love and I took pictures. I was green with envy. Then I went to a French restaurant to eat.

A guy came with me and he asked me what I wanted.

Finally, I said “A delicious meal”. We were talking about until the restaurant closed.

[by Silvia & Alba Mesejo]

Day 2:

Today is a new day in Paris, I went to have breakfast to the same restaurant as yesterday. I was again with the same man and he payed for my breakfast.

Dear Astronauts … I think I’m falling in love, and I realize that falling in love is wonderful. I know this is the second time I talk to this guy, but I think he has something special.

[by borjiiita]

Day 3:

This time, I wanted to go around Paris, so I could think about that guy I met at the restaurant. I love to see the streets of such an old city like this one, so I decided to stay apart from the big streets, and I went to the old small ones. Surprisingly, I bumped into another guy, who had two big green eyes. He apologized, and after a small chat, he asked me if I wanted to have a coffee with him. I agreed.

Dear Astronauts, I think I am falling in love… again! I think I am kind of magnet! And I don’t think falling in love with two guys could be good…

[by fafi97] 

Day 4:

Last night I was thinking in the two guys I’ve met and which of them I was going to see again. Today I walked around the Eiffel tower, I went shopping and I visited the museum. While I was going back to the hotel I bumped into another guy who was blond and had blue eyes and invited me to a cup of coffee but I really didn’t know what to do.

[by amineabid] 

Today I woke up early, because I spent last night thinking, and I decided that today I was going to go to the restaurant where I had met the first guy to talk to him again. I dressed up, and I got ready to see him. I arrived there at 9:00 AM, and I saw him there. ”He is so cute”, I thought. When he saw me, he came nearer and nearer, and finally he kissed me with lots of love and passion.

Dear astronauts, I think that he is the guy of my life, I love him.

[by sara30j97] 

Day 6:

In that moment, my heart beat too strongly. When the kiss finished, he whispered that he loved me.

At night, I went out with him to have supper. I was wearing a red dress and black shoes.

I arrived, and he called me princess. My eyes shone. I became really emotional.

The supper ended and we were a couple. Night with kisses and hugs. I will never forget this.

During these hours I forgot the other two boys that I had met. But I don’t know why I remembered them now…

  [by silviaby97]

Day 7:

I’m confused. I think the three boys will kill me. My heart doesn’t consider this correct. Because if I am with someone, I can’t think in another person. So I have to distance from them for a short time and think about this.

In the afternoon, I decided to go for a stroll near the Eiffel Tower and I realized that a boy was looking at me and he was approaching me. He was the blond boy with blue eyes who I had met in the fourth day. We talked for a long time and he told me he was German and his name was Gerard. While we were talking, I felt something strange…

 [by memysr4]

Day 8:

The next day I got up late, I set my alarm early but didn’t rang. I left the hotel to walk a little and clarify my ideas when I remembered the past day. I didn’ know what I had to do, I didn’t know what I really felt, I just wanted to be with my brother, tell him all that had happened and ask for his advice. I went to the hotel and I searched for my mobile. I couldn’t find it. My room was a complete mess but there was no sign of the mobile.

 [by albaarguez]

I decided to phone my mobile in case of  I could hear and find it. I couldn’t hear any sound, so I packed my suitcase because I wanted to get out of the hotel and go to the airport to meet my brother. While I was paying my bill at the reception desk, there was a phone call for me. I was very surprised, but finally I took the phone and waited:

-Sonia, is it you? -it was Gerard.

-Yes, I am, what’s the matter?

-I’m at the Charles de Gaulle airport whith your brother Fabio.

-I don’t understand.

-Psss, don’t say anything, just listen carefully.

-But, but, but…

-Take a cab and go to the pyramid of the Louvre museum, don’t tell anybody, come quickly and bring your purple notebook. You have twenty minutes.

-My purple notebook? -there was no answer.

I was frightened, however I took the cab. During the journey my head couldn’t stop thinking. I wished I hadn’t come to Paris. If I had listened to those who told me that I shouldn’t travel alone, now I wouldn’t be in this strange situation.

 [by maitri97]

What’s happening? What does this mean?…  Questions and more questions that are now are going round my head. The taxi has stopped and I leave it straightaway.

With my purple notebook in my hands, I am in the  museum looking everywhere waiting to see someone just in case, but nothing… I decide, intrigued and with my heart accelerated, to run up to the pyramid of the museum. I call Gerard but I don’t get a response.

What’s that?…

 [by sunjita]

Wait a moment that’s… my brother! Why is he with his hands tied? The one that is grabbing Fabio is Gerard! When I saw them both I didn’t know what to do or say but I was very nervous and afraid so, I started to shout at Gerard.

– Why are you doing this to me?! -I told him almost crying

– Do you really know what is Fabio’s job? -He said

– What do you mean? He is the boss of a big company in Paris. -I was confused

-So… that’s what you’ve said to her? Then I’ll tell you. He is one of the best drug dealers here in France – He said really convinved

I didn’t know what to say, I only started crying.

-Sonia, note down this adress, Saint-Louise street, pick up this key and go there and bring me a purple bag. You have to be at the Eiffel Tower in three hours.

I was on my knees some time before I could stand up and think about,  so, when I finally stood up I was wondering “What I’m going to do?”

 [by rubimessi97]

I couldn’t waste time,  I went fast to a telephone box and I called a taxi.  I didn’t know if that man was telling the truth. But Fabio was in trouble and I wasn’t going to sit still. When the taxi arrived I went to the place that man had told me. I introduced the key in the lock and I opened the door. The place was horrible, loads of rubbish was on the floor: cigarettes, stale food, tins, etc. However, in the center of the place I could see a purple bag. I took it without hesitation and I looked inside. The man was right,  there were drugs in this bag: cocaine, pills and other that I didn’t know.  I was shocked,  I couldn’t believe my brother was a drug dealer. In this moment I thought  “Wait a moment, I don’t even know if he is my brother.”  I started to run towards another telephone box to call another taxi and I went to the Eiffel Tower to clarify all the mess.

 [by 13sodapop]

I couldn’t believe it! If all those drugs really belonged to my brother, what was I going to do? Would I be capable to report him?

With all these questions I went to the Eiffel Towel. But I couldn’t imagine who I’m going to see there… The man that I have to meet was the boy that I had met the other day, that boy with green eyes. He got close to me looking at me with his hypnotic eyes… It had to be a joke! It couldn’t be real!

Then he asked me if I was the sister of the drug-pusher. He was even more surprised than me. “How someone as beautiful as you can be the sister of someone as him?” he asked me.

Finally I gave him the purple bag. He was my brother but because of him a lot of people could be dead and I couldn’t permit it.

In relation to the boys, I’m still as confused as I was and I don’t know what I will do. Dear astronauts, maybe I find another boy and he is the final one. Only  destiny can know.

[by Nerea & Marta]



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