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History of Spain in Eurovision

by Saarita69 and yesicafdzr15

Eurovision Song Contest  is a TV contest that is celebrated every year. The countries that participate are the members of the European Broadcasting Union (it is a professional  association of radio and TV organisms of Europeans countries). As every year, Spain forms part of the contest.

It started in 1961, with the song “Estando contigo” by Conchita Bautista. Since 1999, Spain has been one of the components of “Big Four” beside Germany, France and the UK ( in 2011 Italy too). These are the countries that contibute with more money to the Europen Broadcasting Union and hence have one secure place in the final.

Spain has won the contest two times. The first in 1968 with the song “La, la, la” by Massiel, and the second in 1969 with the song “Vivo cantando” by Salomé. Spain has taken part in the constest on 52 ocassions, winning two of them, and being 8 times among the top 5.

This year, Spain is going to participate with the band “El sueño de Morfeo” and the song “Contigo hasta el final”.



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