Posted by: yeray46 | 18/03/2013

Dakar 2013

by Carlos & Yeray

Dakar is a very important competition in the motor world.  Dakar’s a rally race in different countries of South America. Those countries are Perú, Argentina and Chile. In the Dakar, there are four categories according to the class of the vehicles. The four classes are: motorbikes, quads, cars and trucks. Cars are the most important category. This year  this competition was celebrated between 5th and 20th January.  In car category, Carlos Sainz and Nani Roma are the most important Spanish drivers. Carlos Sainz abandoned due to mecanic problems. Nani Roma won four stages and he was the best Spanish driver in the rally, in fourth position. In motorbike category, Juan Pedredo was the best qualified, in fifth position. In the other two categories, there weren’t  any outstanding Spanish drivers.



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