Posted by: carrreira | 17/03/2013



Estopa is a Spanish duo of two brothers, David and José Muñoz from Cornellà, Spain.  They “created” a strange genre of music mixing  rumba and a lot of other styles, like rock, reggae, flamenco… The band has commented on such difficulty by stating “We don’t like to be easily categorized.” The Band started in 1998 with their first album “Estopa”, and became famous thanks to one of its bests singles: La raja de tu falda. After this album, they made other six more, one of those albums is “X Anniversarivm”, which consists of remixes and collaborations with other artists singing their songs. And their last album, “Estopa 2.0” in which songs are totally updated, with new sounds etc, one of the songs in which we can see this change more clearly is “Mañanitas 2.0”.  They are currently  composing new songs!!



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