Posted by: ivanruan | 16/03/2013

The Secret 22

Bobby couldn’t believe that his beloved was evil. He decided to go and see his uncle. If he and his uncle worked together, they could join their four-force powers and they would be unbeatable.

Together they would have enough force to destroy the meteorite. His uncle was living in Lugo, in Spain. Bobby decided to go and see him.

He met his uncle at the Roman wall in Lugo, as his father’s brother had emigrated to Europe to escape from an organization he had been in touch with in the Bronx. He told his uncle about his plan to destroy the meteorite. But first, he had to go to “Lopus” and kill his beloved. They went together and found her. There was no time. They joined their four-force powers. Their energy was so big that his beloved wasn’t evil any more. She became good.

Finally Bobby and his uncle could save the world. Ten years after, Bobby and his beloved got married and had twenty little Bobbies.


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