Posted by: maitri97 | 16/03/2013

Barcelona city


I am going to write about Barcelona because last summer I went to that city. I found it very beautiful. Barcelona is a city with a lot of monuments and a nice port, besides many special streets, fabulous buildings and unique places.

Sagrada FamiliaAmong those places we can find “La Rambla”, a street in central Barcelona, which has thousands of visitors a year. We can also find “La Sagrada Familia” a modern cathedral designed by Gaudí. I’ve visited and I love those two places, but my favourite place is “Tibidabo” an amusement park situated on the top of  a hill nearby a big church called “Temple de Sagrat Cor”. I went to it with my aunts, some of my cousins and my sister and I like it because I enjoyed all the attractions, they are so funny. My little cousin goes to a school near “Park Güell”, so I visited it, I like its colors and the column shapes.

My grandmother’s house is in “Gracia”, a famous neighbourhood that all summers celebrates a festival in which people decorate the streets with recycled material, when it occurs “Gracia”  is colourful and nice to your eyes.

I want to fly to Barcelona next summer too, but this time I would like to stay longer because I really enjoyed the last trip.





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