Posted by: fafi97 | 15/03/2013


I’m going to explain which are my favourite TV serials and why:

1. True Blood. This is NOT the actual model of vampire films, serials and books: romances between a vampire and a mortal woman, who have to fight against other vampires or werewolves. This serial is about real vampires, with lots of blood and sex, which live in a small city in Louisiana.

2. My second favourite serial is Glee. It’s not just a musical serial in which the characters do their own song covers. The awesome mix between teenager’s problems in High School, with all the problems they have to face (but always with a funny, optimistic and happy view), and songs, is Glee. And we must add the fantastic touch that all happens in an American High School, with their football teams, cheerleaders and lockers.

3. I couldn’t miss a terror serial, which in this case is American Horror Story. It’s so dificult to say what it is about, because while the first season is located in a haunted mansion in Los Angeles, the second is located in a mental hospital in the 60s. Each chapter is more scary than the one before, so you’d better not see it alone.

4. Skins, another teenager serial, but this one is so different from Glee. Skins is about teenagers from Bristol between 16 and 18 years old and their problems, like drugs, homosexuality, anorexia, stress, deaths, autism, and many other problems. The touch of this serial is that this is a British one, so the way of making it is so diferent.


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