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Charlie Sheen

by Kike & Daniel

Charlie_Sheen_2012Carlos Irwin Estévez (Charlie Sheen) was born on 4th September 1965 in New York. He is Martin Sheen’s son, a famous American actor whose father was Galician.

He was a bad student so he tried to be an actor since he was young as his father was. When he was at university he only wanted to play baseball and to perform. Just a few weeks before his scheduled graduation date, Charlie was expelled due to poor attendance and bad grades.

He started as a secondary actor but eventually he became more and more famous. His first major role was as a high school student in the teen war film Red Dawn (1984). He followed this up with relatively small roles in TV movies and low-profile releases.

But he fell in alcohol and drugs. He was denounced by his ex-girlfriend Brittany Ashland. He had a lot of problems with women.

After 2000 he was clean and sober, so he was called to act in the CBS. He perfomed as Charles Francis in “Two and a have men”. He got very famous with this sit-com.

After a long time in “Two and a half men” he was dismissed, because he had problems with the president of the USA.







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