Posted by: yaizabv | 11/03/2013

The Secret 21

Bobby decided to think in a plan, the plan that he thought was to save the world but he didn’t want to hurt the people he loved including her beloved.

Aimlessly, he followed his way and  suddenly he found a old lady that seemed wise. This old lady was very strange, Bobby didn’t know who she was but she knew exactly who he was.

The lady started to speak in a strange way but this it wasn’t the only thing that surprised Bobby, she told him that the girl that he loved was in fact his enemy and she would be the one to blame for the disaster. He have to kill her in order to save the world and to save his life.

The old lady told him that he should go to a mountain, a mountain called “Lopus”. He would have to run a lot if he wanted to kill his enemy and to save the world. He could only kill her in this mountain. He didn’t have time, the world could disappear at any moment. The decision was in his hands.

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