Posted by: carrreira | 10/03/2013

The Secret 20

Bobby went to the scientists laboratory who told him the meteor had crashed into the Earth 2 days ago… If he had been unconscious for more than 2 weeks, the scientists were lying to him! And now, Bobby was angry, and going to kill them..

One of Bobby’s four-force powers detonated his fury and turned him into his rage mode beast, a flying hell-horse… Bobby crushed the scientists’ heads with his brutal hoods, smashed their organs and drunk the blood that sprang up from the mutilated and brutally annihilated corpses…

Pegaso unicornio del infierno_x

Then, when his flare-up ended, Bobby went to the Drunk Pianist Cat’s temple, or Doraemon’s Temple, to ask for advice. Doraemon  told Bobby that the meteor was really a gigant piano from the planet Cat-Opotamia, and would destroy the Earth in a few hours in a chaos of musical notes and requiems! What could our hero do now?

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