Posted by: carlosccc10 | 08/03/2013

The Secret 19

When he had nearly drowned, a strange man saved him. Two weeks later he woke up at the strange man’s home which was in the forest (the man’s house wasn’t very big but it was friendly). When he woke up and saw the strange man who had saved his life, he asked him:

– Where am I?

– You are in the Amazon Jungle. You have been unconscious for two weeks and I thought that you wouldn’t be able to survive – said the strange man.

Bobby couldn’t remember anything about the accident and the man told him that he had rescued him from the water. He had also cured him of a wound because somebody had shooted him.

Suddenly thanks one of his four-force power he remembered everything, the shots and what he was doing when somebody tried to kill him: he was going to the place where a meteorite had crashed.

As Bobby has already got well he thanked the man for his help and he dissapeared.

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