Posted by: danielcasvei | 07/03/2013

The Secret 18

That night he took his scarce things. He realized that he would die to save the planet, but why he would save the planet, if he had lost all that he loved.

Next morning he got up, had breakfast and went for a walk. He thought about everything, and finally, he wouldn’t be selfish.

Scientists had calculated how long the meteority would take to land. All of them agreed to say that the meteorite would land in two days, at coordinates -0.839287,-163.981939.

Bobby didn’t want to make any mistake, so that afternoon he used his four-force power and he turned into a flying horse, then he started to fly.

While he was getting near to the place where the meteorite was going to crash, he heard some shots. Somebody was shooting at him! He dodged the bullets quickly, but one of them reached him. He fell from a high place unconscious, until he finally plunged into the water.

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