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Puerto Rico

by Antía & Belén


Puerto Rico is in the Northeastern Caribbean, it belongs to the United States. San Juan is the capital city.

Puerto Rico doesn’t have a king and its president is Barack Obama; it has a governor, he is Alejandro García Padilla. The population of Puerto Rico was about 3700000 people in 2012. Some of this population are celebrities like Daddy Yankee, Ricky Martin, Don Omar, Chayanne… In Puerto Rico there are two national languages: English and Spanish. Temperatures are moderate. Puerto Rico has a rainy season which goes from April into November. The most relevant places in Puerto Rico are:

Puerto-Rico– The historic city.

– Historical museums.

– San Cristobal´s castle.

Since Puerto Rico is part of the United States, the island’s currency is the U.S dollar. The tipycal drink of Puerto Rico is black and aromatic Puerto Rican coffee. As the island does not produce wine, it’s typical to drink beer. The most popular brand in Puerto Rico is Medalla. The typical food is Criollo.

The most important celebrations in Puerto Rico are Three Wise Men Day, San Sebastián Festival, Casals Festival, Ponce Carnival and the Kiteboarding Camp. Some famous historical characters or present-day celebrites of Puerto Rico are José Campeche, Rafael Cordero Molina, Alejandro Tapia y Rivera etc.

This country is important because it was discovered by Christopher Columbus and it is part of the USA. It is a beautiful place to go on holidays because it has very good beaches and nice weather.

We think that this place is beautiful and we like its music very much. But its weather is extremly hot and we prefer to live in Spain. Puerto Rico is good for holidays.





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