Posted by: juanmacano68 | 02/03/2013

Myths and Legends 3

by Juan, Francisco & Rodrigo

HerculesToday we are going to tell you, faithful reader, the difference between myths and legends. Most people can’t tell the diference between a myth and a legend.

The most important diference is that in myths the main characters are gods, heroes or other supernatural creatures while in legends characters can be normal people.

From the word myth comes mythology. Mythology is a body of stories of one culture like Greek or Scandinavian ones.

foxhoodIt’s formed by the myths of a culture too. They explain the universe, the begining of the world and why other natural phenomena that they couldn’t explain happen.

This is the theory. People normally use both without distinction. People probably will tell you that Hercules is a legend and Robin Hood is a myth.




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