Posted by: maitri97 | 28/02/2013

IES Xoán Montes

IES Xoán Montes is a high school situated in Lugo.  Its name was inspired by a Galician musician and that is why there’s a Xoan Montes’ bust at the building’s entrance. Nearby that sculpture there is a flight of stairs, and if we walk up we will find third year, fourth year and BAC classes.

Everyday, when a lesson ends and another lesson starts, all the stairs are packed with people and I don’t like crowds. There aren’t many classrooms, among them we can find the technology class, the computing class, music class and the gym. I think that it’s like all the others schools, every working day, there are a lot of bored students learning about several subjects.

In this high school teachers are very different, some of them are strict, but several are pranksters and funny.

In my opinion there are too many subjects, and after some time studying I get tired and bored. But it’s necessary to learn and it’s very useful.

I wrote this post because I’m a student there, I spend a lot of time between the four walls of one of its classes and I like it although it is a place to do exams.




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