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I was waiting for dinner walking around the clock.

It was cold outside, and it was raining.

I was very hungry, because I hadn’t had breakfast that morning.

22When my servant told me that the food was ready, I got into the dining room, and I saw him: he was an old man. He had grey hair and a long moustache, under which there was a strange and a groomy smile.

-Sit down, I have to talk to you – He said to me

-Ok, but be brief, I have to work- I answered

-OK, then – he got up and started to talk- I have an offer for you. I want to buy your property. I want to buy it for $100.000.000. Are you interested?

-My property isn’t for sale, Mr. Adams.

-But it’s a lot of money, and I know you need it for the treatment of her disease.

-Yes, but I don’t want your dirty money. I know that you made it killing innocent people.

-What are you talking about? I ‘m an honest man – he said with a smile which left his horrible dental plate in view- How can you tell this of me?

-Because I know the kind of man you are

-Seriously? hahahaha. In fact, you don’t know what I can do to have the things I want.

Suddenly, he took a gun out of his pocket and he tried to kill me but, fortunately, I could ran to hide behind a wall and took a gun out of the wardrobe.

Suddenly, I heard steps coming nearer and nearer. I took grip of the gun and I prayed. I saw a foot, and then his horrible face: he was an old, fat man. He had a long, grey beard, and some gold teeth which gave him the appearance of an eccentric man.

I was ready to shoot him, but suddenly he fell down, and he didn’t move anymore. I saw my maid downstairs with a gun still smoking. She was scared, and pale. I was happy. This man would’t be a problem anymore.



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