Posted by: anavrivas | 25/01/2013

Chinatown in London

by Maria Pereira Blanco & Ana Valín Rivas

Chinatown is a very popular neighborhood in London. When it started there was a lot of chinese restaurants and shops. Some people used to wear  traditional Chinese clothes.

ChinatownThe original area was situated in the Eastern part of London. In the 20th century 30 shops were open in Limehouse. The neighbourhood was destroyed during the Second World War.

In 1960s Chinatown was established as the centre for London’s Chinese community.

At present, Chinatown is in the Soho area of the city of Westminster.

In our opinion Chinatown is a very colourful part of London. This neigbourhood is very interesting for its history and traditions. Also, if you go for a walk you can learn a lot of things about Chinese culture and you can shop in these traditional shops and eat the typical food.




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