Posted by: albaarguez | 20/01/2013

A Distastesful Joke

A group of girls, in the dark and terrifying night of Halloween, went to the cemetery. They were terrified, but one of them, the most daring, wanted to go the first between the halls of the tombs.

-No, don’t go Emily. It can be dangerous.

-Don’t worry, nothing will happen.

She used to watch TV a lot and saw sorceries in films. She wanted to try to do one. When they entered they heard the door squeak and suddenly it closed by itself. They were frightened. They walked a little forward when Emily said strange words and a spirit came out from the tombs. Suddenly, all drew back and started to run. They arrived at Emily’s home and they sat on the sofa. Someone rang the bell. They looked at each other and Emily opened the door. It was a masked boy. Emily tried to close the door but the boy stuck his foot and entered the house. Emily fell on her back. The boy took off his mask and Emily saw that the boy was her brother. The boy started to laugh and behind him came another boy with a camera. The other girls were hidden and when they listened to all the laughter they came out to have a look. Everything had been a joke plotted by her brother. Emily was angry, she got up and went out to look for her mother and tell her.


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