Posted by: sara30j97 | 17/01/2013

Don’t You Worry Child

”Don’t You Worry Child” is a song by Swedish House Mafia, a Swedish house music band. This is the sixth and last song that they do, because of their breaking-up.

This song is about a boy who’s telling the story of his infancy, when he was young, and he was the king of his house and he had the love of his father, who used  to tell him not to be worried with these words : “Don’t you worry child, look at the sky, it has got a plan for you.”

The song continues with the boy telling that when he was young, he knew a girl, and he fell in love with her, and he says that he still remembers her, and the day that she broke with him, how bad he was feeling that day.

At the end of the song, he tells again what his father used to tell him.

I think that it is a beautiful song because of the meaning that comes with it and because I love this music style.


This is the music video:


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