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The Secret

Everything began in the Bronx. A little boy was walking along the street. Suddenly, he found a man who produced a gun. The boy didn’t know that the man was trying to defend him. Although the boy was completely unaware of it, he was in possession of the four-force power.

[by 4º A]

Afraid, he saw the man who was in front him. He was scared and angry. He felt the heat in his eyes. The man smiled and the boy’s hair bristled. He felt the need to hurt the man. Suddenly, an earthquake surprised them. Both fell down, the boy was really scared, but the man kept his sinister smile. When the man rose, he said “The fire in your eyes, the earthquake, you are the boy I was looking for”. Suddenly a very bright light blinded him and the boy could see no more.

[by saarita69]

The boy tried to escape but was found in a nearby alley. The man started to speak and told him he needed to go with him. The boy was frightened, really scared but after all, he hadn’t said the world would end, he thought it over and asked why.

The man said he would tell when they arrived at a safe place, it was the greatest secret of history and nobody should learn, because people would go crazy and it would be much worse for all mankind when they got to know the greatest secret of history!

[by balotelli10]

The boy was silent for a long time. He didn’t know what he must do. He was very afraid, and he thought in trying to escape again, but he knew that it was going to be impossible, so he was very nervous trying to think in another solution.

The man started to talk again, and finally, the boy could speak. He told the man that he agreed to go to a safe place, but first he must tell him that important secret.

The man, thought for a long time, and when he was going to start speaking, they heard a very strange noise. Someone was spying on them.

[by anavrivas]

The man who was spying on them was the boy’s father. James had been looking for his son for two days and he had finally found him. However, the child began to run with the man who had talked to him in that street in the Bronx. The boy told the man that he hated James, his father, and he had escaped from home because his father used to hit him every day. James was an alcoholic.

[by kikecobain8]

As he was walking, James fell over into a container full of holy water and he incredibily wished to give up alcohol and said: Why the hell am I in this place? Then he run off the place to search for his son. Two weeks later he found his son Bobby and that strange man. James with no reason picked up a knife, then he attacked the strange man, but the man defended himself by breaking James’ arm, finally Bobby kicked the strange man. So what could now happen to them?

[by pablokok]

Nobody could think that Bobby was going to use his four-force power to turn into a beast and kill his father and run away from the strange man. James was wrecked on the floor, completely stained with blood. The strange man ran after Bobby, but he couldn’t capture him because in that moment Bobby was changing his appearance into a flying horse.

[by Omarsito]

Bobby flew for several hours and landed on the attic of a high building. Bobby became man again because he thought he was safe. But suddenly, the mysterious man appeared behind him. The man had a scroll in his hand which was written in real mission standards that Bobby had to obey. Bobby was confused. He did not know what to do. Finally, he decided to take the scroll and read the conditions.

[by yeray46]

Bobby read the conditions and he accepted. The strange man would help him with missions. But Bobby didn’t know all the power of the four-force. He should learn about his power but it was late and he was tired.

The next morning, they got up and the strange man talked about his power. Bobby was afraid because he didn’t understand anything but he listened to the explanation of the man.

[by maria31pereira]

After the strange man’s explanation they had breakfast. At first, Bobby thought that the food was horrible, but they both were hungry and didn’t say anything. It was  ten o’clock, more or less, when the man decided to teach Bobby. He told him how to use his power and when, how to defend himself and other people: Bobby learned how to fight. Now he was starting to control his power easily.

But he wasn’t happy, because he had lost his family and a very special girl. She was more than a friend: he loved her.

[by davidpenelaszeppelin]

He was always thinking about her, but now he didn’t have any time to see her. He had to start his first mission. He was afraid, however he was courageous. In the parchment it was writen that he had to go to Japan and find a sword. The sword was made of gold and it had belonged to an old Japanese warrior. He needed money to go by plane. The adventure was starting…

[by antiapacios]

Bobby could get the money to go to Japan by plane because his father had a life insurance and left the money to him. A man found him and gave him the money. While he was on the plane, a terrible accident happened, the pilot was dead and nobody on the plane could fly the plane. When they were falling, everybody jumped off the plane to save their lives, luckily they fell into the river “Huang He” in China. All people were fine and Bobby turned into a beast again and flew to Japan. When he arrived in Japan he could see where the sword was with his four-force power. When he arrived at the place he realized that the sword was protected by a lot of traps and he couldn’t enter on his own , he needed someone to help him…


Bobby was disappointed because he couldn’t enter the place where the gold sword was hidden. Suddenly, Bobby saw a strong man robbing a young man and used his four-force to defeat the robber, then the young man gave Bobby a present to thank him for his help. The present was a password to enter the building where the golden sword was. Now Bobby could find the gold sword but another obstacle stopped him.

[by iagofouce]

In front of him was Lucy, the girl that he loved. He didn’t know what to say, he was confused. What was she doing there? He didn’t understand anything. She said: “The sword doesn’t belong to you, you can’t take it, you must return”. Bobby asked her: “Why do you know all that?” The girl disappeared and then his father appeared. His father said: “The sword doesn’t belong to you, you can’t take it, you must return”. Bobby was scared, he didn’t understand anything. At first, Lucy was there but now, it was his father. Suddenly, Bobby heard a voice that said: “It’s a trap”. Bobby stabbed his father. When he was dead, he became an old man. The old man was a magician who guarded the sword. Before he died, he said: “This sword will bring many misfortunes for you”. Bobby took the sword but there was something strange about it…

[by belenfr]

The sword started to shine, and ten second later, the shine turned off. Bobby was surprised, but he must return with the man. When he returned, the man tells him that a girl come there asking for he. Bobby gave the sword to the man. He was very excited, he missed a lot the girl. He asked the man where was the girl. the man didn’t know howw to tell the boy that the girl was die, because a strange man killed her. When the boy knew this, started to cry and sweared to revenge, but there was something strange in all this.

[by yesicafdzr15] 

When he got to the hotel where he was staying, there was that girl. The girl told him: ‘the person you trust, will deceive you’, after those words, the girl disappeared. After those words he decided to investigate more about the person he trusted. What he discovered was something amazing. The man he trusted was his father’s brother.

The next morning he was told his new mission: kill the girl he loved.

His heart was divided in two, he didn’t know who to trust or who to believe.

  [by diiego4]

He felt alone because he couldn’t trust anyone. He started to look for the girl he loved. Three days later he saw the girl in a supermarket. He followed her for one day and he decided he was going to kill the girl he loved. He prepared the weapons and set out to catch her. When he arrived at her home, the house was empty. The wardrobes were empty too, and all he found was a piece of paper with the following text: “you’re late”.

  [by INILU]

When Bobby read this piece of paper he ran out the house.  He only wanted to be alone to think about the things that had happened in his life these last weeks. He decided to speak to the man. The man said to Bobby that the greatest secret of history was that the world could disappear because a big meteorite would land in the Pacific Ocean. Only one person knew how to avoid this, this person had got the the four-force power too. Bobby was the only person that could get the information to save the world because he had the four-force power too.

When Bobby knew this, his mindset changed. He would do all that was necessary to save the world even kill the girl he loved.

  [by claudiaedrorei]

That night he took his scarce things. He realized that he would die to save the planet, but why he would save the planet, if he had lost all that he loved.

Next morning he got up, had breakfast and went for a walk. He thought about everything, and finally, he wouldn’t be selfish.

Scientists had calculated how long the meteority would take to land. All of them agreed to say that the meteorite would land in two days, at coordinates -0.839287,-163.981939.

Bobby didn’t want to make any mistake, so that afternoon he used his four-force power and he turned into a flying horse, then he started to fly.

While he was getting near to the place where the meteorite was going to crash, he heard some shots. Somebody was shooting at him! He dodged the bullets quickly, but one of them reached him. He fell from a high place unconscious, until he finally plunged into the water.

  [by danielcasvei]

When he had nearly drowned, a strange man saved him. Two weeks later he woke up at the strange man’s home which was in the forest (the man’s house wasn’t very big but it was friendly). When he woke up and saw the strange man who had saved his life, he asked him:

– Where am I?

– You are in the Amazon Jungle. You have been unconscious for two weeks and I thought that you wouldn’t be able to survive – said the strange man.

Bobby couldn’t remember anything about the accident and the man told him that he had rescued him from the water. He had also cured him of a wound because somebody had shooted him.

Suddenly thanks one of his four-force power he remembered everything, the shots and what he was doing when somebody tried to kill him: he was going to the place where a meteorite had crashed.

As Bobby has already got well he thanked the man for his help and he dissapeared.

  [by carlosccc10]

Bobby went to the scientists laboratory who told him the meteor had crashed into the Earth 2 days ago… If he had been unconscious for more than 2 weeks, the scientists were lying to him! And now, Bobby was angry, and going to kill them..

One of Bobby’s four-force powers detonated his fury and turned him into his rage mode beast, a flying hell-horse… Bobby crushed the scientists’ heads with his brutal hoods, smashed their organs and drunk the blood that sprang up from the mutilated and brutally annihilated corpses…

Pegaso unicornio del infierno_x

Then, when his flare-up ended, Bobby went to the Drunk Pianist Cat’s temple, or Doraemon’s Temple, to ask for advice. Doraemon  told Bobby that the meteor was really a gigant piano from the planet Cat-Opotamia, and would destroy the Earth in a few hours in a chaos of musical notes and requiems! What could our hero do now?

  [by carrreira]

Bobby decided to think in a plan, the plan that he thought was to save the world but he didn’t want to hurt the people he loved including her beloved.

Aimlessly, he followed his way and  suddenly he found a old lady that seemed wise. This old lady was very strange, Bobby didn’t know who she was but she knew exactly who he was.

The lady started to speak in a strange way but this it wasn’t the only thing that surprised Bobby, she told him that the girl that he loved was in fact his enemy and she would be the one to blame for the disaster. He have to kill her in order to save the world and to save his life.

The old lady told him that he should go to a mountain, a mountain called “Lopus”. He would have to run a lot if he wanted to kill his enemy and to save the world. He could only kill her in this mountain. He didn’t have time, the world could disappear at any moment. The decision was in his hands.

  [by yaizabv]

Bobby couldn’t believe that his beloved was evil. He decided to go and see his uncle. If he and his uncle worked together, they could join their four-force powers and they would be unbeatable.

Together they would have enough force to destroy the meteorite. His uncle was living in Lugo, in Spain. Bobby decided to go and see him.

He met his uncle at the Roman wall in Lugo, as his father’s brother had emigrated to Europe to escape from an organization he had been in touch with in the Bronx. He told his uncle about his plan to destroy the meteorite. But first, he had to go to “Lopus” and kill his beloved. They went together and found her. There was no time. They joined their four-force powers. Their energy was so big that his beloved wasn’t evil any more. She became good.

Finally Bobby and his uncle could save the world. Ten years after, Bobby and his beloved got married and had twenty little Bobbies.


[by ivanruan]


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