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The Dark Shadow

I was walking around the old and empty house, when I heard a noise inside. I started thinking about what I had to do: Did I have to get into it or did I have to run away and hide somewhere?

After a long time thinking, I decided to get into it and to inspect what was producing that horrible noise.

First, I knocked at the door, but I didn’t have any response, so I decided to get into this scary house. When I was inside, the first thing that I saw was an old armchair. And at its left, a wardrobe.

Suddenly, when I was inspecting, I heard a sinister noise coming from the top of the house. I was too scared to go and discover what was producing that noise, so I decided to continue my inspection.

But, suddenly I saw a dark shadow…

[by sara30j97]

When I saw that dark shadow, I started to feel anxious, and everything happened very quickly. I tried to get out, but the door was locked, so I decided to go upstairs and hide there.

But the house was very old, as the stairs were old too, so they broke when I walked on them, and I fell into the basement. It was so dark I couldn’t see anything. There was only just a little window, which let some light through, but it wasn’t enough to see clearly. I was so afraid, I thought I could die in that moment, in a strange house, in the dark old basement, with someone upstairs, who could be a murderer or who knows what!

At that moment, the basement door opened…

[by mikaelamedina] 

I didn’t know what to do. I looked around the room to see if I could hide somewhere. So, I found a door, and ran towards it, and closed the door at my back, trying to lock it, but there was no mechanism.

So I turned round to get something stop that… ”thing” in. But what I saw, was horrible, and paralysed me with fear, because it was something that only a mad person could have done. There were many shelves with jars with organs in them, like hearts, brains, kidneys, lungs… there was even a foetus.

I thought it was a nightmare, I wanted to get out, but I didn’t know how, and I didn’t want to touch any shelf because it was disgusting even to touch them. I could only do one thing: fight against the person who was behind that door. So I tried to find a weapon, because if there were organs, there could be surgical instruments too…

[by fafi97]

I started to search for something that could help me when suddenly a book dropped on the floor. This book had the portrait of a girl. Her face was familiar. I listened to a noise and I looked back. There was no one. It was a rat. Then I looked at the book one more time and the portrait of the girl disappeared. I looked around but there was nothing. I started to be scared.

[by albaarguez]

I began to look for the missing girl, I looked around the basement. I found a grille on the floor, I opened it, and found out it was something like a well full of water.

I heard a voice calling my name, it sounded like the voice of a girl, and I thought that was the child in the book. I went in through that grille, suddenly, everything went dark, someone cried, I got even more scared than I was.

There was more and more water, and I realized, that I had never learned to swim, but…

[by silviaby97]

…at that time I was only concerned to find the voice of the child and discover what was happening in that place. I jumped into the water and I climb up on the curb that was on the other side of the tunnel. After walking for a while I found some graffiti on the wall, where I could read my name and some arrows telling me a direction. I spent some time looking at them and thinking it over and I decided that following the direction indicated would be best idea. I continued on a bumpy sidewalk until the first junction where the door was well indicated by arrows.

[by nerearu]

I was following the arrows when I perceived a very strange smell. It was a heavy and horrible scent. I didn’t know where it came from but when I found out, I regretted being there. There were corpses everywhere! I was afraid, this was traumatic! All those people were killed in cold blood! But, who could have done this? Suddenly, I heard a crunch and I saw the ugliest creature that I had seen in all my life…

[by memysr4]

The creature was something not only uniquely ugly but also terribly monstruous. Long arms, black eyes, red skin… His mouth was dripping blood while with his hands he broke fragile human skulls. I was horrorified, I was hidding until that creature saw me and ran after me. I run with all my strength, up to a strange green river where I could see bones, yes, bones and other things. There was no escape and the creature had found me…

[by sunjita]

But luckily when that strange creature was about to catch me, I could hear again the voice of the child. When I turned, I saw another arrow with my name. It could’t be a trap because the creature was there with me. I deduced that the child was trying to help me so I decided to pay attention and follow the arrow. I could’t think of anything worse than what I was living, so I had nothing to lose…

[by martalamela]

I followed the arrow to a door, I was still nervous so I opened the door very fast without thinking about it. When I entered that strange room the door swang shut, I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. I tried to open the door but it was impossible, so I searched for another exit, in that moment I saw something shiny I went to see what that was. It was a key! I picked the key up and I tried to open the door again. Luckily the key opened the door and I saw a different arrow and I heard the voice of the child again…

[by amineabid & rubimessi97]

So I followed that angelic voice and went on the arrow way again. I got out of that horrible house and they sent to me to climb up the highest mountain in the county. I tramped through deep snow, but somehow I could feel the presence of a dark shadow somewhere behind me. I had not avoided that danger and I was nearly frozen. Would it be the last day of my life? What could I do? Suddenly I could see the entry of a cave and went towards it. I turned on my lantern and… oh no! There were bones throughout the cave. A dark shadow following me, bones everywhere, only the beast was absent…

[by maitri97]

Suddenly, I listened a crack of branches. Tears fell from my eyes and I could feel cold sweat through my back. I turned around and I saw a horrible monster, the beast was there. The monster was big and ugly. He didn’t have skin, this creature didn’t have eyes.  It had a long tongue and sharp claws. In his head only the brain could be distinguished, when I saw it, I started to run. I run deeper and deeper into the cave,  I couldn’t do enough to hide myself…

  [by 13sodapop]

At the end of the cave I finally found a hunter of creatures, so I told him what happened, and the hunter decided to help me. Then he picked up his guns and we went in search the awful creature, but when he came out of the cave the creature surprised him with its claws and then grasped the hunter, who by chance threw his gun in my direction, and I quickly grabbed the gun without thinking twice…

  [by gatinha16]

…I shot the monster. I could feel the shot sound in the mountain. My heart was relaxed… my mind was quiet…

I saw the light and I run to get out of there and find help.

Many years later, I came back to the cave and I could feel that cold wind that I had felt the last time. I saw a shadow and I run towards my horse.

  [by wachiturro2000]

It was the same shadow, the monster’s silhouette. I mounted my horse and tried to escape, but the monster grabbed my horse tail, and my horse, petrified, knocked me down.

Now I was on the ground, unarmed against the monster, I was scared, I did not know what to do. I got up and ran and came to a canyon. the monster was quickly approaching,  I dashed and the monster fell down the canyon and died.

My horse puffed. I could still feel that cold wind, but there was no shadow, my fear and my imagination had carried me away.

[by borjiiita]


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