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Lana Del Rey

Lana_Del_ReyElizabeth Woolridge Grant was born in New York on 21 of June of 1986, and she is a singer and a songwriter. She began to perform in clubs at age 18, and at 20 she released her first album Lana Del Ray a.k.a. Lizzy Grant, but you could only download it from Internet, because it was digital.

In 2011 she uploaded Video Games to Youtube, a single out of an album, but the video was very popular (more than 20 million views), so she released her second album on January, Born To Die. Its hits are Born To Die, Blue Jeans, Video Games, Summertime Sadness and National Anthem.  She also released Carmen, but it wasn’t very succesful if we compare it with the others. Although she has been criticized like a boring singer, she just has an atmospherical sound, and she has introduced sadcore in music industry. She looks like an old Hollywood star, or at least, it’s what she intends.

lanaLast 13th November, she released her third album, which is a reedition of Born To Die, because it has the same songs adding nine more songs. This album is called Born To Die – The Paradise Edition, and she has released, just one single, Ride, which is considered a masterpiece because of the video: it’s said that it’s an awesome video, with lyrics and her speech before and after the song, it has been taken by every fan as a philosophy of life: ”Live fast, die young, be wild, have fun”.

She has already announced her second single of the album: Cola. Nowadays she is working at a soundtrack for films, and until 2014, she won’t work in a new album.




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