Posted by: saarita69 | 09/12/2012


by Yesicafdzr15 & Saarita69


Nowadays pollution is a big problem in the world. Many people try to find a solution but it isn’t enough for things to change. There are a lot of types of pollution depending whether it is air pollution, water pollution, light pollution and noise pollution.

pollutionAir pollution:

The sources are: the biomass burning,  toxic fumes from power plants, motor vehicles, marine vessels and aircrafts, aerosol sprays and other solvents. The effects are: This pollution reduces lung functioning, irritates your eyes, asthma attacks, causes breathing problems, reduces energy levels, produces cancer and premature death.

Water pollution:

This pollution is caused by the waste that people throw into the water like oil, fertilisers, plastics… This pollution affects: plants and organisms that are in the enviroment.

Light pollution:

The causes are:  the principal is energy waste. The consequences: a high number of  streetlights, headlights, bright hoardings…

Noise pollution:

The causes  are: traffic noise, concerts, industries noise… The consequences are: mental tension, irritability and emotional disturbance at work and at home.

Those are the harsh facts. We are destroying our world, and we only have one. It’s in our hands to change that.






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