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by Inés & Omar

Queen are a Britsih rock bamd. Queen’s original components were Freddie Mercury (lead vocals, piano); Brian May (guitar, vocals); John Deacon (bass guitar) and Roger Taylor (drums, vocals). , and one day he started to play with the components of Smile (Brian May, Roger Taylor).

In 1968 Brian May and Tim Staffel created a band called “Smile”. Freddie Bulsara was a fan of Smile. Later, in 1970, Freddie Bulsara and Roger Taylor joined the band. When Freddie Bulsara changed his name for Freddy Mercury the name of the band was changed to Queen. They recorded their first album “Queen”. They started a tour in Great Britain and then, the first tour in USA.

In 1974 they recorded a new album ” Sheer heart attack”. In April they started their tour in Japan. In 1975 they released the single “Bohemian Rhapsody”. It was number one for nine weeks. Their first platinum record was “A  Night At The Opera”. 1976 brought a new disc “A Day At The Races”. In 1977 members of the U2 fans club, participated in the official video of  “We are the Champions” , recorded at the New London Theatre. In October, they launched their sixth album “News Of The World”. In 1978 they published “Jazz”.

In 1982 they realesed “Hot space”, that won a gold status in Great Britain. In 1985 they performed the Rock in Rio festival, the largest to date, being the great winners. In 1986 they realeased “A King Of Magic” and “Live Magic”. Freddie met Montserrat Caballe, one of his hardcore fans, in Barcelona. They became very good friends and agreed to record an album together. The single that Freddie wrote to suit Montserrat Caballe appeared in Spain in September in 1987, and it became the official anthem of Barcelona Olympic Games (1992).

In 1989 Queen released a new album “The Miracle”. It was a big hit. At that time, Freddie knew he was dying. With the end of the decade, Queen was voted best band of the 80s.

In 1991 they published a new single “Innuendo”. On 23rd November, Freddie announced to the world that he had AIDS. Next day, he died at his home. This shocked his millions of fans, who had not known Freddie’s illness to the very end. As a tribute to Mercury, Queen released a double single with two songs: ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘These Are The Days Of Our Lives’.



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