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Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known as just Rihanna, was born in Barbados, and nowadays, she is a successful artist. When she was young, she had many problems with her dad, because he beat her mother, so it means that she suffered domestic violence. At the age of 16, she went to New York to start recording songs with producer Evan Rogers, but then, she met Jay-Z, American rapper and producer.

sunHer album, Music of the Sun was the first one, which gave her importance in the music world. Its debut song was Pon de Replay and it stayed in top five of the Billboard Hot 100, one of the most important music lists in US and in the world. Her second album was A Girl Like Me, and its first song was SOS , but Unfaithful was number one in more countries, like US and Australia.

But her most important album was A Good Girl Gone Bad, because with it, she started to be more famous around the world. Umbrella, Don’t Stop The Music, Shut Up and Drive and Hate That I Love You were its singles. This album transformed her in a music star.

Then, she changed 100%, because she was a victim of domestic violence by her boyfriend at the moment: the singer Chris Brown. But instead of cancelling her music activity, she started to work in her fourth album Rated R, which had a completely different sound. It had lot of sad songs, and it was pretty dismal and pesimistic, because she expressed herself and her feelings on that album. She received lot of good reviews such as for example, from the succesful magazine Rolling Stone.

After that, she released her fifth album, Loud, with a more sensual and atractive sound, and very energic with happy songs, as their singles S&M, Only Girl (In The World), Cheers (Drink To That) and California King Bed. Then she started her Loud Tour all around the world. On 11th November 2011 she released her sixth album Talk That Talk, its songs are really famous: We Found Love, Where Have You Been and You Da One. She also won awards with her collaboration with Coldplay, with Princess Of China.

Nowadays, Rihanna has worked in her seventh album: Unapologetic. She has already released that album on 19th November, and its hit is Diamonds.


– Music Of The Sun

– A Girl Like Me

– Good Girl Gone Bad

– Rated R–EI/AAAAAAAAABY/RcBNdjY6AVA/s1600/Rated-R.jpg

– Loud

– Talk That Talk

– Unapologetic



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