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Formula 1 Abu Dhabi GP

by Carlos & Yeray

ABU DHABI 05/11/12

At the moment (05/11/2012), Sebastian Vettel is the leader of F1 World Championship, with 255 points. The second is Fernando Alonso, with his Ferrari. Alonso has got 245  points. Behind him is Kimi Raikkonen, with 198 points. Red Bull is the first constructor in the  Constructors World Championship with 422 points. In these placings, the second team is Ferrari, with 340 points. The championship has got twenty races.

Abu Dhabi GP was a important race for the tournament, Fernando Alonso had a important oportunity for overtaking Vettel in de Championship. Sebastian started the race in the last position, because he ran out of petrol in the qualifying round. Fernando Alonso started from the sixth position. Sebastian Vettel’s good luck together with his car’s safety led to his final third position. And Fernando Alonso’s good race made him second. Kimi Raikkonen was the winner of the race. An anecdote in the race was the big accident between Rosberg and Karthikeyan. In the end Fernando Alonso reduced distance (three points) in the championship. Finally, Sebastian Vettel won the F1 World Championship 2012.



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