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Myths and legends 2

by Fran Muinelo, Juan Cano & Rodrigo Varela

This is the legend of the giant Jack O’Legs. This legend is from Westom (England)

Jack was a giant who lived a very long time ago in a cave, in the middle of Weston Wood. He was very strong too, he could shoot an arrow for about five kilometres. He was a generous thief because he usually shared his loot with poor people.

One day, the villagers told Jack that the millers charged them a lot of money for bread and they asked for help. Jack decided to help them and he went to a mill. There, he stole some flour from the miller and he shared out the flour between his friends. But his friends finished it quickly and they asked him for more, so he started to rob the millers of sacks of flour.

Millers and bakers got angry with Jack and they decided to ambush him. Jack did not know this and while he was walking on the churchyard, millers caught him and burnt his eyes. Before he died, Jack requested his bow and implored them to bury his body in the place where his last arrow fell. Millers accepted because they knew that Jack was blind. Jack drew his bow, shot an arrow and… the arrow flew over three miles! It fell in the churchyard.

Now you can visit Jack’s grave in Baldock’s graveyard. There are two stones marking the grave. The distance between both is eight feet, that is almost two meters and a half.




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