Posted by: sara30j97 | 21/11/2012

Callie 15

… She started to run, and she arrived at an old farm. She decided to hide there, until Albert stopped following her. She was very scared, she was sweating a lot, and she was thinking about how she was going to find a safe place, where Albert couldn’t find her.

Suddenly, she heard Albert’s voice. And she got more into the case where she was. She saw Albert’s legs in front of her, but suddenly the legs disappeared. She thought she was safe. But, when she was getting outside the case, she saw Albert starting a fire on the farm, to kill her. She started to run as fast as her legs could, and she went out of the farm. She was very surprised. Why was Albert trying to kill her?

Suddenly, she felt alone in that big world. She did’t know that she was going to have many other adventures like that…

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