Posted by: anavrivas | 19/11/2012

Our experience as bloggers

by Maria Pereira and Ana Valín

In Amairgin’s blog we write about our experiences and we make compositions about things that we like. We write posts in all groups. In the blog we write posts of differents types:

  • Posts about monuments: in these posts we talk about different monuments in the world and we relate our experiences when we visited these places.
  • Posts about music: here we talk about types of music, artists and our favourites bands, for example. Also, we can say if we went to see a concert of our favourite singer,  band…
  • Posts about cities that we visited: here, we talk about our personal experiences in our different trips.

We write these different posts in the computer classroom on Monday afternoons.

Also, in the different groups of students, we write a different story of different types. In our class, for example, we are writting the story Prototype. Every day, one person, if he or she doesn’t want to get a bad mark, must write five sentences to continue the story. We can’t do this in class, so we must do at our homes.



  1. ahhh well thanks, I can’t imagine it.


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