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Bob Marley

by Nerea and Marta

Nesta Robert Marley (Bob Marley) was born on 6th February of 1945 in Jamaica. He was a singer-songwriter and musician. He was a rhythm guitarist and a reggae singer. Marley helped to spread Jamaican music and the Rastafari movement to a worldwide audience.

In 1966 he married Rita Anderson. One year later they had their first child (Cendella). And in 1968 they had their second child (Ziggy).

In 1971, the Wailers  were the first reggae band to be well paid and they had access to the best recording studios. Then they changed the name of the band from the Wailers to Bob Marley and the Wailers.

In 1976, reggae fever had ranged the United States and they were nominated Band of the Year.

In 1977 he became a international superstar. Later, in May of the same year, Bob found out that he had cancer in his toe. Doctors recommended an amputation of his toe, but he refused for religious reasons. One month later he canceled the tour.

In 1978 he returned to Jamaica. Two years later the cancer of his toe became terminal.  He wanted to die in Jamaica but he couldn’t and he died in Miami.




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