Posted by: anavrivas | 13/11/2012

The Tower of London

by Maria Pereira Blanco and Ana Valín Rivas

The Tower of  London is a very important monument in London. It is situated near the river Thames and the Tower Bridge.

The Tower of  London was built early in 1080 by William the Conqueror. It is famous because the crown jewels are kept here and  hostile Londoners have lived in the tower.

It is also famous because we can see a lot of  ravens in its gardens. These birds are very important for English people because they think that the give good luck. The ravens don’t have wings because if they had them they would be able to fly and go away from the tower.

The jewels of the Tower of London are real and they isn’t an imitation that a lot of people think. They represent the long life of the British Royal family. They are made of gold and silver.


Tower of London: toda una experiencia, Ed. Historic Royal Palaces, 2010 (book)



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