Posted by: belenfr | 02/11/2012

Prototype 9

The man chased them. He was faster. The mum ran to hide in a friend’s house. Her friend asked them:

– “What’s going on?” but Rayner’s mother didn’t want to tell her that the Death was chasing them, because then her friend would think that she was crazy. So she said:

– “A man stabbed Rayner because Rayner didn’t have money and this man is chasing us. We need help, because Rayner is losing a lot of blood.”

– “No problem, quickly, get in my car!”

When they were in the car, Rayner was unconscious. His mum was very worried, because she was afraid that her son would die. She saw the Death behind them, he was very fast and he was near them.

click here to read the whole story


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