Posted by: yesicafdzr15 | 31/10/2012

Prototype 8

When this person was nearly next to Rayner, he recognised his mum. His mum had left home to look for her son, because she  was worried about him. When she saw her son, she cried and asked Rayner: “What happened to you?” Rayner, moaning, told his mum the incident with the man. She took him by the arm and she decided to take her son to the hospital. But one horrible thing happened on their way. Suddenly, a man dressed as the Death, appeared in front of them. The man said: “You must die, you shouldn’t have gone into the house situated in Black Hill.

It was as if Rayner had a curse because he had gone into the house. His mum started to run with Rayner in her arms, but they didn’t arrive to the hospital. Why?

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