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One morning, Callie had decided to come out for a walk. While she was walking, she saw the sky  turn darker and darker. As the clouds and the sun kept turning  blacker and blacker, Callie could see the houses appear and disappear.

[by sunjita]

She didn’t know what was happening in fact, she started to be terrified. Callie looked at both sides of the road looking for someone who could explain her what was going on. The houses continued to appear and disappear when she realised it was too late… but as she used to be a lucky girl her salvation appeared just round the corner. A boy with a scary face walked into Callie.

[by wachiturro2000]

Callie was surprised about that, but she knew if she started to run, the boy would follow her, and maybe, that boy could help her to explain what was happening. So she stayed there, and she started to shout at him asking him his name or how to get out from there, but he didn’t answer, he just kept looking at her. So she started to be more and more terrified, and decided to run. She tried to hide somewhere. She explored all the streets in the area, trying to find a place to hide, but all the houses were appearing and disappearing, except one. So she thought it was a special house. But it was a little bit strange, too old, as if it was hiding something else… a secret, but she went in, anyway.

[by mikaelamedina]

When Callie entered the house, she got even more scared, because it was a very large, old, and spooky house. She was exploring it, when everything started to move. She thought it was an earthquake, but, when she tried to get out of there, the door was locked. She looked out of the window to know what was going on out there, but nothing was moving or broken, so… it was the very house which was moving! It was awesome, and, at the same time, she was horrified and afraid too. Despite it all, she was intrigued and excited about living that adventure.

[by fafi97]

Callie was scared, but she didn’t doubt she loved mystery. She continued walking inwards and gradually found a piece of evidence. There was a book on which everything she had lived was written. It had also photos from the past in which that boy she had met some time before appeared. She did not want to keep looking for clues so she decided to get out of that house. Just then a woman appeared who said that she could not reveal anything she had seen because she could have problems.

[by nerearu]

Callie asked her which kind of problems she could have, but in that moment a strange shadow took possession of her. When Callie saw this, she was scared, she went out of the house and she started to run. She turned her head and, the woman had disappeared!  Callie felt lost, disoriented and confused.

But she didn’t know that herserlf and other twenty people were the only survivors in the Earth…

[by memysr4]

Callie didn’t know what she was going to do. She had to talk to the woman to get a clue of what was going on but she didn’t want the woman to get into trouble because of her. Then, when she didn’t know what to do, she remembered the strange boy. Although she was a little scary she had to meet the boy because Callie thought that he knew a lot of things, as the mystery about the photo. It was going to be difficult, but she was going to find him.

[by martalamela]

Callie was walking when the strange boy appeared magically, she saw that it wasn’t hard to find him. His name was Blake. He was there in front of her with his eyes in her eyes. Callie hadn’t even blinked when he had already disappeared, he was behind her. He pointed at a building in ruins, he knew everything. For a moment Callie had forgotten everything. She was feeling lost, he hugged her and she looked at him. He was going to kiss her when…

The earth shivered, lightning falling from the sky, the survivors were leaving the building although not that woman.

[by sunjita]

Maybe all those things were only in Callie’s imagination, but maybe not. What if the dark sky and the houses that appeared and disappeared were not false?… Callie couldn’t trust herself , so she decided to run away from the boy with the scary face. He looked at Callie for a few seconds and then he started to run too. Callie was still runing when a black car started to sound the horn. She got into the car, where she was safe… or where she thought she was safe.

[by amineabid]

Once in the car a strong movement pushed her against a door. She didn’t know whether it was the speed or the car driver had hallucinations to see the city appearing and disappearing in front of him like a ghost.

The truth is that he was scared just the same as Callie, now she just wanted to get out of this city, the car and the driver were their only salvation;  and therefore, she let her be carried without thinking about anything else, as if she was waking up from a bad dream…  but everything was real: the boy, the house, the woman…

She was still scared. But she didn’t also want to leave without knowing what everything was.  And she screamed: “I want to return!”

[by silviaby97]

They drove for a few miles and the car stopped. The guy who was driving got out of the car without letting his face to be seen. Callie thought about whether to start the car and drive away, or get out to know who had been driving it. The first option seemed more dangerous, she couldn’t drive. She thought it would not be that difficult, but there was a problem: the driver had taken the keys with him, now she had to get out or stay in the car until the driver got back.

[by albaarguez]

She decided to get out of that black car. Suddenly she started to feel ill, rotten. Callie noticed that someone was following her. She thought that it was that boy, whose face she hadn’t seen. The girl turned around and saw a terrifying figure, some kind of monster, that’s what she thought, so she started to run as fast as she could, but she slipped and fell over a precipice. Callie lost consciousness.

[by rubimessi97]

When Callie came round, she had a headache, she felt dizzy. So she opened her eyes and she saw the guy of the car. The man approached Callie and he gave her a hand. Then he said “Hello Callie, how are you?” Callie was surprised, the guy knew her name. Everything was very strange!

Callie was scared but the man said “What are you surprised about? You know me”

She didn’t understand anything. The headache increased and in that moment she remembered…

[by 13sodapop]

…his name: he was Albert, the head nurse of Saint Patrick’s psychiatric hospital…

Suddenly, Callie woke up frightened and sweating, it had only been a nightmare. Quickly she had a shower, she seemed to feel better, her terrible headache had disappeared, now she could see everything clearer, she only needed to runaway from that horrible and hateful place. She had breakfast without talking to all the other inmates and so she did all the time. Finally, she entered the kitchen, she dressed a white coat and runaway in a supplies lorry, she got off  at some traffic lights and took a taxi, and oh no! the taxi driver was Albert…

[by maitri97]

… She started to run, and she arrived at an old farm. She decided to hide there, until Albert stopped following her. She was very scared, she was sweating a lot, and she was thinking about how she was going to find a safe place, where Albert couldn’t find her.

Suddenly, she heard Albert’s voice. And she got more into the case where she was. She saw Albert’s legs in front of her, but suddenly the legs disappeared. She thought she was safe. But, when she was getting outside the case, she saw Albert starting a fire on the farm, to kill her. She started to run as fast as her legs could, and she went out of the farm. She was very surprised. Why was Albert trying to kill her?

Suddenly, she felt alone in that big world. She did’t know that she was going to have many other adventures like that…

 [by sara30j97]

She was a very sensible girl, but she liked new adventures and new experiences. After this adventure, very different, she would go in search of other experiences and wanting more.

Next, she found herself in an empty city, no one lived there, she was left there, lost, then she started searching for things or trails to know who had lived in that city before. But she didn’t know that one bad man lived in this city.  Albert was still pursuing her in this city.

[by gatinha16]


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