Posted by: juanmacano68 | 09/10/2012

Prototype 2

He could see something like a human form. It was very still. Rayner kept a match in his pocket. Sweat glided on his skin. He striked the match an he saw … a chair with clothes on it! He laughed very loud and sighed. The sound of laugh rebounded all around the house. It was only a chair, but he was scared, so he walked towards the door. Before he opened the door, a strange noise, like a cat playing the piano after it had drunk five bottles of rum on Christmas day, came from the living room.

Rayner was very scared, but he was intriged so he went to see the source of the noise. He opened the living room’s door and … a wild spirit appeared! He was a very old man and he shouted:


click here to read the whole story


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