Posted by: sara30j97 | 07/10/2012

The Clown

One day I went to McDonald’s with my parents. We were on a trip to Barcelona. It’s a long trip, so we decided to stop. There, in front of us there was the typical  McDonald’s clown, extending his hand, inviting you to have some chips, or something else. So, we had some chips and a hamburger for each of us. We  laughed and had a good time. When we finished, we decided to continue our trip. My dad got up and went to the toilet. And I was very tired, so I said to my mum: ‘Mummy, I am very tired. I am going to sleep’. Suddenly, we heard someone saying with a rasp and dark voice ‘me too’. We turned back … and it was the clown! He was talking! We were very scared, and we screamed. Suddenly, I heard a voice saying to me ‘Sara, Sara, we are in Barcelona!!’. Oh my God … it had been only a silly dream!


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