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In Northern England, on top of a hill called Black Hill, there was an old deserted house. The owner had left around 70 years ago and it had never been inhabited since then. There were some rumors of curses on the house and spirits who lived in that house so that no one dared to go into it . One cold November day, a boy named Rayner left home with the intention of going for a walk, but he came to Black Hill. It was night when he realized he was lost. After walking for a while, he found the house. He found a good place to shelter from the cold, but its appearance inspired some trepidation.

[by yaizabv]

He could see something like a human form. It was very still. Rayner kept a match in his pocket. Sweat glided on his skin. He striked the match an he saw … a chair with clothes on it! He laughed very loud and sighed. The sound of laugh rebounded all around the house. It was only a chair, but he was scared, so he walked towards the door. Before he opened the door, a strange noise, like a cat playing the piano after it had drunk five bottles of rum on Christmas day, came from the living room.

Rayner was very scared, but he was intriged so he went to see the source of the noise. He opened the living room’s door and … a wild spirit appeared! He was a very old man and he shouted:


[by juanmacano68]

After that, Rayner ran towards the door, but the room door wouldn’t open! In the end he could open it and he ran looking for the exit, but when he saw the exit door, when he thought that he was free, a new spirit appeared!

He forgot about the exit door and ran upstairs. He got to the attic where he saw a bed. He decided to sleep there because he was too scared to move.

He heard a lot of noises that night…

[by carlosccc10]

Yes, a lot of noises, because that drunk pianist cat was stalking him! Rayner woke up and screamed, he forgot to write a twit with the things about his previous day, but Rayner was a strong man and could bear it…

That very same morning he searched for the pianist cat, he was curious to watch this drunk cat. After walking all around the house, he left it, the house exploded and a very, very big piano came out from the ground as a spaceship, the drunk cat was coming back to his planet. Rayner was in shock on Black Hill.

[by carrreira]

After a few seconds, Rayner came to. He did not know if all that had happened had been a dream or had been real. There was no explanation for what he had lived. Confused, he started walking towards his friend Steve’s house.

Steve was also a classmate, his best friend since his brother Paul had died. As he was coming near the house he felt like telling Steve what had happened that night in that house in Black Hill.

It was very late. Suddenly he thought it would be better to go home and sleep and tell Steve what had happened the next day. But he realized he had a problem: he did not know where he was.

[by castro0495]

Rayner didn’t get nervous, it would be worse. He was near a cave; he remembered that one day when he was playing with his cousins they had found a road that arrived at his home. He went along the road. Suddenly he saw small lights and he heard strange sounds. Oh my god! an army of gummy bears came near Rayner. He was afraid, they used to eat people. Rayner didn’t know what to do. He hid in a small tree. The army passed in front of him: there was a lot of big bears with different colours and a small light in their body. All of them had got a chain saw, some of them had got remains of meat and blood. When the bears had passed by, Rayner continued his way home.

[by claudiaedrorei]

Rayner went home. The next morning he could not remember anything that had happened because when he got home he crashed into a shelf. That day, at night, he was intrigued by what had happened, so he went for a stroll to refresh memory. He was going down the street when he heard a terrifying music, and out of nowhere a man appeared begging, demanding money, and as Rayner said he had no money, the beggar pulled a knife, stabbed him in the belly and left Rayner lying on the street, with a puddle of blood beneath him… but someone was coming in the distance… Who?

[by INILU]

When this person was nearly next to Rayner, he recognised his mum. His mum had left home to look for her son, because she  was worried about him. When she saw her son, she cried and asked Rayner: “What happened to you?” Rayner, moaning, told his mum the incident with the man. She took him by the arm and she decided to take her son to the hospital. But one horrible thing happened on their way. Suddenly, a man dressed as the Death, appeared in front of them. The man said: “You must die, you shouldn’t have gone into the house situated in Black Hill.

It was as if Rayner had a curse because he had gone into the house. His mum started to run with Rayner in her arms, but they didn’t arrive to the hospital. Why?

[by yesicafdzr15]

The man chased them. He was faster. The mum ran to hide in a friend’s house. Her friend asked them:

– “What’s going on?” but Rayner’s mother didn’t want to tell her that the Death was chasing them, because then her friend would think that she was crazy. So she said:

– “A man stabbed Rayner because Rayner didn’t have money and this man is chasing us. We need help, because Rayner is losing a lot of blood.”

– “No problem, quickly, get in my car!”

When they were in the car, Rayner was unconscious. His mum was very worried, because she was afraid that her son would die. She saw the Death behind them, he was very fast and he was near them.

[by belenfr]

On their way to the hospital, the Death passed the car in which Rayner, Rayner’s mum and her friend were travelling. When the Death was in front of the car he poured oil to destabilize the car. When the car slipped on the oil they crashed against a power station and left the city without electricity, so if they went to the hospital, they wouldn’t be able to do anything to revive Rayner. Where would they go?

[by iagofouce]

Rayner’s mother picked Rayner in her arms and ran to the forest to see if they could escape the Death until they could reach the hospital or find some way she could save him. While they were crossing the forest, she became aware that the Death was close to them, then they were lost in that vast forest she thinking that Death might take her son in minutes. While they tried to leave the forest she saw a wooden house and went to see if anyone was inside.

[by martin64699]

When they entered the house, they could see that somebody was living there but suddenly Rayner’s mother saw that the Death was coming and they decided to go upstairs. When they were going upstairs, the person that lived there appeared and saw Rayner’s blood. The person went upstairs and he wanted to shoot them because he thought that they were burglars but… they told him not to shoot them because Rayner was injured so the man decided to take them to hospital but when they were going into the car, the Death appeared and…

[by juan9600]

…Rayner’s mother and the man were scared and they closed the doors of the car. The mysterious man, started up the car to go to the hospital, but the Death chased them. When they arrived at the hospital, Rayner was unconscious and the nurses tried to treat him. After five minutes, the Death appeared at the hospital with his scythe and he started looking for Rayner. He was hidden in a room in the basement. After a few minutes the Death found him and he…

[by bethoven69]

… wanted to kill him. But the light kept going on and off. Rayner escaped while the light was off.

At the hospital the Death had a lot of work and Rayner took a moment to cure himself. While a nurse was sewing the cut, he remembered his friend Steve. Steve knew the spirits and curses. He could help him. But Rayner needed to think about how to go to Steve’s house. The death was around…

[by antiapacios]

While the Death was doing his job at the hospital, Rayner found an ambulance, where there was a white coat. He put it and told the driver to take him where his friend lived. The ambulance went very fast and Rayner could only see car lights. When they arrived at Steve’s house, the driver turned and looked at Rayner… He was the Death! It was impossible to believe!

Rayner run to Steve’s house because he thought he’d be safe. When he arrived there he rang the doorbell. Steve opened the door but he couldn’t recognize his friend. Why?

[by yeray46]

He was covered with blood because he was badly hurt. After that, Rayner shouted that he was his best friend and Steve recognised him but suddenly the Death started to run towards them.
Both friends went into the house and they run to the bedroom. Steve tried to help his best friend curing his wounds but the Death was near! They thought that there wasn’t a way out but…

[by ivanruan]

They saw a window and they jumped. When the Death came in the bedroom the guys weren’t there. He walked up to the window and he watched the guys escape. Steve looked and saw a car with its engine running, he pushed Rayner into the car and they drove away.

When they looked back the could see the Death running after the car, but they escaped. After thirty minutes the car run out of fuel and stopped. What would they do?

[by pablokok]

They started getting very nervous, and they couldn’t think about what they could do to get fuel. Suddenly, Rayner started to hear a very strange noise and when he turned back, he discovered that the Death was coming again.

He called Steve and both started running faster and faster. The Death catched Steve and he said to his friend: “Rayner, don’t stop running! You must go into the forest and go to the place that we went when we were children”. Rayner was very afraid. He didn’t want to lose his best friend, so he decided to confront  the Death but…

[by anarivas]

…Rayner was bitten by the Death in his arm and at this moment Steve decided to let him go in the arms of the Death. Steve and Rayner ran down the street but couldn’t mislead the Death, then Rayner saw a granary and decided to enter this place, while Steve distracted the Death…

Rayner came out the granary with a chain saw and riding a pink horse! He told Steve to jump on the horse and Steve agreed. Finally Steve and Rayner decided to fight against the Death!

[by balotelli10]

The Death, Steve and Rayner were ready for a fight. In a moment, Rayner looked to his right and saw the drunk cat playing a stressful song with his piano. They were nervous. The Death attacked first, but Rayner dodged the knock. Steve was going to attack when Rayner stopped him and he started to speak with the Death. He said that if the Death didn’t kill them, he would never go to the house. The Death was thinking when he listened “kill them”. The cat was behind him watching the fight. When the Death was distracted, Rayner tried to flee, but Steve wanted to finish the fight and he stayed on the site.

[by saarita69]

Rayner’s mother appeared and began to kiss the Death. Then Steve and Rayner could escape to Steve’s house. Later an UFO took Rayner’s mother and the Death to Mars to colonize the planet. On Mars they had a lot of children and they populated the planet with 6-legged unicorns!

Ten years later Steve died and Rayner founded a defective airline able to fly 1 kilometer without crashing (sounds like any airline you know?).


[by kikecobain8]


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