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Pilobolus is a contemporary dance company whose origins are traced to a 1971 Dartmouth College dance class taught by Alison Becker Chase. The group began performing in October 1971.

The founding artist of the original collective were Robby Barnett, Alison Chase, Martha Clarke, Lee Harris, Moses Pendleton, Jonatan Wolken.

This company is based in Washington Depot. Connecticut and performs for stage, television and online audiences all over the world.

Pilobolus has performed live shows in 64 countries and has received a number of prestigious honors.

Pilobolus performances are characterized by a strong element of physical interaction between the bodies of the performers and exaggerations or contortions of the human form, often verging on gymnastics. From early on, the company “made a specialty of playful topsy-turvy entanglements that defied anatomical logic” and which sometimes “gave rise to bizarre imagery”. This approach broke new ground, and soon “even choreographers who did not consciously borrow from the group enjoyed new license in bringing bodies (especially men) into closer physical contact” than previously.

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